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Welcome to EastSun Translations


EastSun Translations is a professional localization firm, providing high quality localization and translation services to any agency or individual who plans to bring their products into Asia, including Mainland China, Taiwan region, The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, as well as any other places of Asia.

EastSun Translations specializes in the following language pairs’ translation: English into Chinese (TC&SC) translation, Chinese (TC&SC) into English translation, German into Chinese (TC&SC) translation, German into Japanese translation, German into Korean translation, English into Japanese translation, English into Korean translation, Korean into Japanese translation, Japanese into Korea translation, Chinese (TC&SC) into Korean translation, Chinese (TC&SC) into Japanese translation, Japanese into Chinese (TC&SC) translation, and Korea into Chinese (TC&SC) translation.


Why choose EastSun Translations?

1. Experience. EastSun Translations has rich localization experience across a wide variety of industries, ranging from technology to law, from healthcare to consumer products.
EastSun Translations shares your enthusiasm, commitment and vision to serve your Aisa marketplace – to increase your competitive advantage by delivering Asia language localization service that minimizes costs, enhances customer satisfaction and provides localized versions of your products and services which serve to promote your brand and market advantage in Asia Area.

Our services are fully customizable, tailored to your unique requirements as our client, and feature:

  • Document Translation
  • Software Localization, Engineering & Testing
  • Website Localization
  • DTP/Typesetting

2. Professionalism. The people you will work with at EastSun Translations are professionals who have been in this business for a good amount of time. The result is that our collective knowledge of the translation/localization business is greater than many of our competitors and, we are pleased to say, our clients enjoy long-term business relationships with their dedicated production team.
Translators: Our translators are individually chosen for their skills and areas of expertise. Many of them have advanced degrees in their industry and all keep up to date on the latest technologies and terminology.
DTP specialists: Our DTP team is based in-house. To streamline the process, we use customized check-lists, which are implemented systematically to ensure cross-language uniformity of layout.
We never miss deadline. At EastSun Translations, we often turn down projects if we see them impacting our existing clients. When we promise a deadline, we make that deadline.

4. Pricing. EastSun Translations is committed to competitive pricing and delivering the highest quality.
We help our clients keep costs down. EastSun Translations will do everything possible before a project begins to help clients make the best use of resources. We also institute strict processes that minimize costly change orders.

5. Commitment. While all translation vendors promise more or less the same things, low prices, high quality, personalized service, etc., it is important to carry out your due diligence and find out how well EastSun Translations keeps those promises.

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